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Danger Close Digest was created out of necessity. After knowing I couldn't trust most "security" companies based on interactions with dozens of them throughout my life, I decided to give a few others a shot, and I asked for quotes for a home security system. Thankfully, they proved I still couldn't trust them before they took my money this time. The worst part - I reached out to the three highest rated companies in my area. 

One of the companies blatantly ignored me. Another immediately sent me a quote for a system without ever asking about my budget, my family, or my goals. The last one, the best of the three, at least took the time to send two sales reps to my house and speak with me. I guess it should have been no surprise that they quoted me $8,400 for installation and $100 per month since they had to pay for the brand-new Cadillac and Mercedes they showed up in. 

My entire career has been dedicated to securing people, places, and information in one form or another. I know all too well what goes into effective security programs, but do not see the same level of emphasis or methodology being applied to what I believe matters most - our homes and families. 

This is not an "I knew there had to be a better way" situation. Instead, I simply know families deserve better and that I can help by sharing some of my expertise. 

Learn more about each way I can do that below. 

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Home Security Secrets

The culmination of my expertise poured into an easy to read book. It includes everything from cultivating the right mindset to better secure your family, how the threat actors view your family, to a detailed holistic security strategy you can implement immediately. 

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Home security consulting delivers bespoke, budget-conscious strategies, expertly crafted to meet each family's specific safety needs. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and personalized advice, it ensures comprehensive protection against modern threats, fully adapted to the unique dynamics and budget of every household.





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