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We Help You Solve Your Security Challenges

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Your Challenges

When it comes to home security, we don't take any chances. However, finding the right solutions was no easy feat. Out of three companies we contacted, one was unresponsive, another gave a quote without assessing our property, and the third quoted $8,400 for installation and $100 monthly. None of them seemed to understand the actual risks we face, including cyber threats. That's why DCD was established - to assist families in obtaining enterprise-grade security solutions that they can customize to their specific needs.

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Expensive Security Systems

Most "security companies" are marketing companies in disguise, selling a false sense of security at outrageous margins. True security doesn't have to break the bank.

Cybersecurity Challenges

Stay ahead of cyber threats by staying informed about the latest trends and dangers in technology. Don't let them get the best of you and your family.

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Emergency Prepardness

Are you prepared for an emergency? Don't wait until it's too late. Take action now to keep your family safe and secure.


Our Solutions

DCD exists to give you an unfair advantage against the threats targeting your home and family. Choose from the options below to get started revamping your home security today! 

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Secure Your Home, Stay Up-to-Date!

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Bespoke home security consulting on your budget: Protect more by spending less.

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Unlock security secrets: Our book is your guide to smarter, more secure living.

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Upgrade your security for free: Access a wealth of home security resources here.

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